Australia’s airports at risk

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant the majority of flights in Australia have been grounded.

But a quiet airport is in fact more dangerous than ever before.

Grounded planes and higher than usual fuel reserves at our airport pose an unprecedented risk to both life and property.

But instead of mitigating that risk, AirServices Australia has been reducing the number of highly trained Aviation Firefighters at our airports – as a way to save money during the pandemic.

This short sighted behaviour is troubling,, potentially putting at risk lives and $23 billion worth of plane and airport assets.

An independent report commissioned by the UFU established crews at Australia’s biggest airports, including Sydney, Avalon, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Darwin, are all operating on below standard crew levels, despite many storing a significant number of aircraft. Many of these airports are in highly residential areas, making the risk to homes a terrifying prospect.

We need a bipartisan commitment by our Federal politicians to fund AirServices properly so we can keep our airports safe during the lockdown.